Alive and well

Dear all,

Let’s start by saying that CrossGuard and project ProGauntlet are alive and well! It’s just that aside from a few live appearance at tournaments and clubs we needed to be completely off the air for a while. If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that publishing news is like building a campfire. It’s no use to strike a match before you have gathered enough firewood to last the night. So, we’ve decided to direct our attention and energy inwards and completely focus on developing our team and our product, until we had enough fuel to keep the fire burning.
Despite this introspective period, we have received countless of truly heartwarming messages of support from all over the world, and we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to both newcomers and longtime followers, who have stuck with us and (often unknowingly) lifted our spirits in times of need.

So where do we stand?
The rumors are true. We have completed a first fully functional model and soon after, we produced a small Beta 1 series in a single size which was distributed among a select group of Dutch Indiegogo backers. After months of rigorous testing, we were able to make the following conclusions:

  •  The ProGauntlet’s mobility and lightness are a great success! With a big smile on our faces, we witnessed our testers effortlessly performing fast, complex techniques which we had only seen in bare-handed exercises before.
  • When it came to impact protection, the Beta model was absolutely solid it most areas, but still needed to be optimised in others.
    After all the hard work to get this right, these were the exactly the results we were hoping for!
  • Unfortunately, the connections between the hard-shell parts were quick to wear down, which seriously compromised the durability of our gloves. If we wanted to create something that could stand the rigours of tournament level fighting, we’d have no choice, but to completely redesign the connective system.
  • On top of this, we needed to adapt the overall design to drastically bring down assembly times (a core requirement if we want to be able to sell the PG at an affordable price) and to integrate a new thrust protection system.

In short, we had made great progress but needed to go back to the drawing board to bring the ProGauntlet to the next level.
This additional research and redesign phase has taken the biggest part of the year and the majority of our attention. But the good news is that we have generated a multitude of promising solutions that will soon go into a new internal testing phase. Once we are satisfied, we shall launch a new test series, PG Beta 2, which, if proven successful, will be very close to the final ProGauntlet Mark one design.

This means that the timeline needs to be updated, as we are pushing towards 2018. Like most pioneering start-ups, we are in uncharted waters and we can never predict with certainty how much effort the next step is going to take. But for now, know that we are confidently moving forward and that we are getting closer and closer to fulfilling our goal to bring you a protective glove unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Thank you once more for your patience and your ongoing support!

– Team CrossGuard